Orbital decompression and/or fillers? (photos)

I have always had large, prominent eyes and flat anterior cheeks which bother me. Can I benefit from orbital decompression surgery or will fillers be sufficient enough to bring balance to my mid-face area or both?

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Prominent eyes

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You have several options... The least invasive option is midface filler injections which could last up to two years. This carries minimal risk with an experienced injector. The most invasive option is orbital decompression which is a surgery that carries some degree of risk, and should be done by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon. Take your time with the decision - you may want more than one opinion. Best wishes.

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Decompression fillers

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You have asked a great question .  Our group has done thousands of decompressions and used fillers in these circumstances,  The answer really depends on what you are looking to achieve.  If you want a small improvement and dont mind repeating the injections then fillers are great and I have several examples.  If you want a long term improvement and something longer lasting then  decompression is best.  Decompression surgery is complex and should only be done by someone who has done an enormous number.  

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