Nonsurgical procedure for lower belly available?

Hello! I'm three weeks post baby and I notice my skin is a little looser in the lower belly. Are there any nonsurgical procedures I can get to tighten my skin/belly?

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Skin tightening post Pregancy

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At 3 weeks post pregnancy , it is a bit early to attempt any cosmetic corrections. Your skin has elasticity which will have some of its own contraction, your uterus is enlarged and will become smaller and other hormonal changes will take place. It is best to wait about 6 months then re evaluate. Non surgical options to consider include exilis, Thermage , Thermitight to name a few. The degree of tightening won't be as dramatic as an abdominalplasty (tummy tuck) and should only be considered if you have a mild amount of skin laxity. 

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