What can be done in my case? Had an unsuccessful Rhinoplasty and revision 2 years ago. Nose still looks bad... (photo)

After 2 years and my nostrils are still asymmetrical plus the cartilage in the middle of nostrils is too low and it shows too much when I smile. There are some little bumps on the tip and the side of the nose that are not so visible but I can feel them when touching. The right nostril is bigger and upper than the left nostril. The nose also looks wide and not well defined. I want to have smaller and symmetrical nostrils and a narrower nose. Can this be achieved at all if yes, how? Thank you.

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Revision rhinoplasty after 2 previous surgeries

Revision rhinoplasty is generally very difficult compared to primary rhinoplasty. Scar tissue can make surgery more unpredictable. Patients should expect to still have some imperfections or asymmetries, as everything cannot be corrected with further surgery. You can develop a priority list as to what bothers you the most, and what doesn't bother you as much. Speak with revision rhinoplasty specialist to review possible treatment options. 

Dr. Chaboki

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beautiful_day, the only thing you can do is see an experienced rhinoplasty specialist. Bring your previous operative notes. Some of your asymmetry is god given and some is of course due to your previous surgery. How much this can be improved will be better determined by an exam. Search the Internet and look for experience and good post op photos. Interview with several specialists if you have to but you should know when you find the right surgeon. Good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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