Is TT Suture Infection Common and Dangerous? (photo)

I got suture infection 4 week after my TT. It is swollen, bleeding, mucus discharged. My ps cut open my incision line and removed some of them. I felt a bit better then feel worse again and again. My wounds are open and looking terrible. Is this problem common in TT job? Or is it dangerous? I've taken antibiotic but it doesn't seem to get better yet. His staff said like, "oh, it's common, blood and mucus sound about right". What the heck? It means they get that all the time in their office!

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Managing a Suture Line Infection after Tummy Tuck

    Though local management and antibiotics may control such an infection, the incision may need to be opened and debrided.  Alternatively, sometimes part of the incision can be opened and managed with dressings. This should be at the discretion of your plastic surgeon.

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Suture line

A stitch abscess caused by a dissolvable suture that has come to the surface instead of being absorbed can happen. Infection of the entire suture line or incision is not very common.

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Suture line infection after abdominoplasty

This is not a common complication and needs to be managed actively by your ps. With proper care, things should heal in well. You may need scar revision later but you should have a good result in time,

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Tummy Tuck Infection

I agree with the post below.  IT IS NOT COMMON!  See your surgeon as soon as possible.  This is dangerous and should not be taken likely.

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Is TT Suture Infection Common and Dangerous?

No it is NOT common! But if this issue occurs local wound care will allow the healing to happen. Maybe you should discuss with THE DOCTOR not the staff! 

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Infections of the suture line can be dangerous and require close supervision.

The suture line of a tummy tuck is poorly vascularized immediately after the operation.  This makes the risk of infection greater and also may generate some dead tissue that is ripe for bacterial colonization.  "Wound toilet" should be administered routines and closely monitored by your surgeon.

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TT Suture Infection

Let's just say they are not rare, and not dangerous. I can't tell from your question whether the sutures your surgeon removed were permanent or dissolving. It is also not clear whether this would be a stitch abscess or a wound infection

At any rate, removing the sutures and antibiotics should resolve this, and once healed you will have a scar that probably will look no different than if this problem had not occurred. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon. If any doubts, seek a second opinion. Thanks for your question, and for the photos attached. Best wishes.

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