Any suggestions for this widened, raised incision scar? (Photo)

I've tried everything and nothing seems to help. My scar is so wide and raised that it shoes through certain clothes. I've used scar away and embrace. I've massaged.

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Incision scar

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Thank you for the question and the photo. This looks like a hypertrophic or keloid scar.  Kenalog or Tacrolimus injections can help flatten them but won’t affect the widening.  A scar revision may help by excising the old scar and putting it back together with sutures that create less inflammation or removable sutures and then treating it with kenalog or tacrolimus injections, and Cordran tape (a tape that is impregnated with steroids). An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best way to assess your needs and obtain a reliable medical advice. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi.

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