What kind of laser is used in smart laser lipo? And does the zerona laser lipo machines that have the paddles work?

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SmartLipo vs. Zerona

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Thank you for your question. This confuses a lot of people. You cannot compare these two devices for fat reduction. SmartLipo is a minimally-invasive procedure where a tiny laser fiber is inserted under your skin through a small puncture hole after a local anesthetic has been applied under your skin. The laser fiber "melts" the fat destroying the fat cells. That liquified fat is then removed either by gentle suction (if there is a significant amount), or by your body's own natural elimination process through the lymphatic system (if it is a small amount). It's up to the physician performing the procedure.

Zerona is a non-invasive, low level light source that is hovered above the area intended to be treated. It can cause the fat cells to leak some of their contents, but does not destroy the fat cell itself. In order to then remove the fat from your body, you must stay well hydrated, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Because the fat cells are still alive, they can fill up again.

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