How Bad Are Lifestyle Lift Scars?

I am fair skin and can scar easily. How bad are the scars after Lifestyle lift? And where will the scars be?

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Lifestlye Lift and scars

having fair skin is actually an advantage for you regarding wound healing. It limits the amount of pigmentation problems that can manifest post-operatively. 

The lifestyle lift is actually a lower facelift that addresses jowling and laxity in the neck (turkey neck). It is one of the most traditional facelift techniques performed. 

The incisions are placed under the chin as well as in front of the ear extending around the ear lobe, behind the ear and into the hairline. The amount of scarring is dependent on both surgeon technique and patient compliance.

Surgically, scarring is limited by placing all of the tension of the lift on the muscle underneath the skin. The excess skin is then trimmed. The key is not to trim too much skin which results in excess tension on the skin. When too much tension is placed on the skin the result can be thick scars and a pixie ear deformity where the ear lobe blends with the cheek.

From a patient perspective the main factors that increase the risk of scarring include smoking and uncontrolled diabetes. It is very important for the surgeon to be thorough in the initial consultation screening for medical problems that could put you at risk for healing complications. 

I would consult with a board certified, experienced, qualified surgeon. Good Luck!

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Scar placement for the Lifestyle Lift

The placement of the mini facelift scars usually run infront of but very close to the hairline or in the temporal hair bearing area.It then proceedsinfront ot the ear inthe natural creases so as not to be seen. Once at the earlobe it can stop or continue behind the ear in the crease for varying distances. There are various styles to the placement of the short scar facelift incision which will vary with each surgeons technique.

Joanne Lopes, MD
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Scars unrelated to Lifestyle Lift

The scars you develop following a lifestyle lift have less to do with the lift than the techniques of wound management.

That having been said, the best way to get an optimal scar is to reduce tension on the skin (i.e. don't rely on the skin for your correction). Do the lifting with the deep tissues instead and gently lay down the skin after removing the excess.

Despite optimal circumstances, I tell patients that their scars are about 50% my skill and 50% their response to injury (which is unpredictable). Keloid or hypertophic scars can occur and frustrate even the most meticulous surgeon.

Fortunately, optimal healing is usually the outcome and people will tend to have excellent scars if wound principles are followed.

I hope this helps to explain.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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