What to Do About Failure of Forehead Eccrine System After Brow Lift?

I had a forehead lift in July 2012 which left me with no perspiration on my forehead. My plastic surgeon has never heard of this and wants me to wait to see if it will resolve. My dermatologist says he has seen this in other surgeries around scars-some resolved, some not. A website of a PS who repairs other's work says that this can happen when the skin is damaged and to seek repair in 3 months. He is in NY and I am in CA. I am at a loss. Who should I see for a prognosis and find out what to do?

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Not heard of this but..

This is honestly the first time I've heard this problem after doing hundreds of browlifts. My recommendation would be to leave things alone and that eventually, your perspiration will come back to normal once the nerves have fully regenerated.

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