Failed Scheduling- Reflect on Outcome?

Breast augmentation was set for Dec14 I found out today they sched me for 21st which I can't make due to healing process and a trip @ end of month. I cant get it any later due to my return to school. They are trying to correct the problem and i like the ps but if they can't fix it shall i seek a new surgeon. I am hoping they can fix this but this is their mistake. Would it be their best professional interest to work around my needs? Or shall I start searching for a new PS now? Disappointed :(

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Surgeon and scheduling

The skill of your surgeon is independent of a scheduling mishap. If he/she is anything like me, you will have his/her full and undivided attention on the day of surgery.

If you have a good relationship with the PS, then stick with it. Hopefully, the day of surgery can be moved up.

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Surgey Scheduling Problem

Keep in mind that depending on where the surgery is being done, the schedule may be changed due to more urgent cases, staffing issues, etc. While most hospitals and surgery centers are able to stick with the patient's requested dates, changes can happen. It frustrates the surgeon also. December is particularly bad due to many patients wanting surgery before their insurance deductibles are renewed in January.

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Scheduling conflict

December is one of the busiest months in our profession because of the holidays and vacation time.  If you like the doctor, then try to work it out with his office.

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Surgery schedule error

December is usually the busiest month for elective surgery due to the fact that many people get extended time off. I can imagine how disappointed you are, but it sounds like the office is trying to accomodate you, see what they come up with. However since time is short you need to stay in contact with them .Ask them if they would check with other patients that are scheduled earlier to see  if they might trade dates. Be sure to explain that you do not have the option of having surgery on the 21st and if they aren't able to schedule you earlier perhaps they can refer you to another surgeon (they will most likely do all they can to keep you). Breast augmentation surgery is not a long surgery, my guess is that they will be able to get you in earlier. Good luck!

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Scheduling problem

This may be something that has upset your surgeon as much as yourself. If he operates in a facility, they could have made the mistake or have staffing problems. I have had this happen right before holiday weekends when a facility decides it is not in its financial interest to remain open just for me. In that case, I yell long and hard and demand the following day, not the following week. Explain your situation to the surgeon and/or his administrator and see if they can work some mutually acceptable magic before considering other options. An augment is a relatively short procedure to work into the schedule.

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Failed Scheduling- Reflect on Outcome?

Ultimately this is a significant inconvenience to you but not a reflection of your doctor's surgical skill and the result you will hopefully achieve with that surgeon.  Front office scheduling mistakes can occur, although rarely we would hope, and how the office staff deals with you in such cases is a reflection on the professionalism of the office, not necessarily on your surgeon's expertise.  If you were not particularly "enamored" with your surgeon and felt the need to look elsewhere due to this inconvenience, you probably can find another surgeon who has an opening due to a cancellation or who is willing to make an opening in his or her schedule.

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Breast augmentation scheduling problem

The very most important thing determining the result you will get is surgeon selection.  Assuming you have found a great one for you, it would be impatient and foolish to change to another just because of the schedule.  In fact, if another one could take you on in such short notice, I would venture to say that they are not as busy as the one you chose and that possibly says lots about the quality (or lack thereof) you would get.

A regular augmentation is a short surgery so I am sure that your doctor's office will work something out.  Personally, I'd just add you to the 14th as it only takes less than an hour to do it.  I'd rather extend the day a little than to have you unhappy.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Scheduling Error Should Not End Relationship

Hi there-

Does this experience reflect poorly on the surgeon? Obviously.

Should it be an indication to you of his/her surgical skills and the quality of the medical care you will receive? Not necessarily.

If you chose the surgeon carefully and for the right reasons, realize that sometimes staff members make mistakes we would have wanted them to avoid, and that disappoint our patients. Even the best of surgeons has staff members, and occasionally these staff members drop the ball- don't bail on an otherwise excellent surgeon.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Breast Augmentation Scheduling Mistake?

Thank you for the question.

Although I can understand your disappointment, I'm assuming you have done your due diligence and feel very comfortable with your chosen plastic surgeon.

If so, then it would probably be the best to work with his/her office to find the date of surgery. Keep in mind, that the most important decision you make ( that determines the successful  outcome of your surgery)  is surgeon selection.

I would suggest that you calmly  work with your selected plastic surgeon's office to work things out.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Scheduling your breast augmenation surgery

It is quite common for patients to carefully select the perfect date for their surgey.  Often it takes a fair amount of effort to schedule time off of work, rides to and from appointments, and sometimes childcare.  Any changes in the schedule can be frustrating.  Still, it is usually more important to have one's surgery performed by the right plastic surgeon even if the the schedule has to be altered.  In this case, hopefully the surgical facility can get things sorted out.  If not, I would still recommend staying with the plastic surgeon you already selected.

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