What Factors Increase/decrease Your Chances of Having a Good Result from CELLULAZE?

I am considering having the Cellulaze treatment done. I'm 25, am 5'9 118 lbs never fluctuated with my weight and exercise. Still, can't change genetics. I've always had cellulite on the back of my thighs but now its even on the front! I have read there is a lot of inconsistency w/results, even w/patients who went to the same Dr. Who is the best candidate for this procedure and are there candidates who could expect to not have any results from it? Also, is there a risk it could make it WORSE?

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Hello. You sound like a potentially good candidate for Cellulaze. It is without question the most effective treatment for cellulite, but in my practice in the Bay Area I have come to the conclusion that the happiest patients are those that have realistic expectation on what a procedure will and won't do. Cellulaze is not a cure or perfect treatment by any means. It will definitely improve on cellulite - mild cellulite is probably easier to improve upon than severe cellulite. Look at a lot of before and after photos to get a realistic idea of what the procedure can do for you. It is a one time treatment which is a plus but remember regardless of what anyone tells you there are no guarantees in results with cosmetic surgery. Results with Cellulaze will definitely depend on the skill and understanding of the technology of the physician so do your homework and find a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in Cellulaze in your area. Good luck!

Candidate for Cellulaze

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Those patients who lead a healthier lifestyle will continue to show good results and be happier with their procedure outcome. Also, wearing the compression garment for the appropriate amount of time will help with good results.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Who are good candidates for Cellulaze?

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The only way to really know if you are a candidate with realistic expectations is by consulting with a ABMS certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience with Cellulaze. Cellulaze is the only FDA approved surgical treatment to reduce cellulite. The best candidates are people who have stable diets, exercise regularly and maintain their weight over time. Then the candidate needs to understand how the treatment can or cannot improve their cellulite. Typically patients with stable weight and mild to moderate cellulite and who have not had previous liposuction are the best candidates.

Good candidates for Cellulaze

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The only way to know if you are a good candidate for Cellulaze is to have a face to face consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience with Cellulaze. Everyone's body is different.  The appearance of the legs can vary greatly based on fat distribution, elasticity, cellulite, dimpling, lax skin, previous surgery etc. Qualtiy of results can also vary by the perception of those evaluating the results.  Though not a full proof rule, results can also vary by experience of the surgeon. Overly aggressive treatment in a given area can cause too much fat to melt and cause new areas of dimpling. Generally speaking, if you have moderate cellulite and realistic expectations about improvement and not perfection you could be a good candidate.

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