What Factors Effect Hair Loss and Dht Levels?

Im starting to experience hair loss and im trying to figure out what exactly causes high dht levels. Ive read that excessive masturbation or sexual activity can lead to higher dht levels causing hair loss as well as high carbonic acid levels. Is there anything natural that can lower dht and does masturbation and stress really cause hair loss? It seems like it would make sense since one of the side effects of porpecia is reduced libido.

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Sexual Activity and Hair Loss

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This is a myth, similar to the myth about heavy workouts causing hair loss. These activities do raise testosterone levels, but not high enough, or for a long enough duration, to affect hair loss.

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DHT Levels

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I'm trying but can't really see a connection between masturbation and hair loss secondary to dht.  Years ago, the old wives tale about masturbation and blindness has long since been dispelled and I'm hoping that your question is also dismissed as folly as well.

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