What Factors Contribute to Less Than Desirable Results with CO2 Lasers?

What factors contribute to less than desirable results with CO2 lasers?

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CO2 Laser Results

The results of CO2 laser treatments depends on numerous factors.  The factors include, skin color type, the reason for the treatment (wrinkles, acne scarring, scars), type of CO2 laser, fractional or nonfractional treatment, how the skin is pretreated and post laser care, etc. 

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Factors that cause undesirable results with CO2 lasers

There are several factors that can cause undesirable results from CO2 laser procedures.  It is important to evaluate the skin type of the patient being treated, as people with darker skin may get pigmentation problems after laser treatment.  The depth that the laser penetrates the skin is also important, as if the laser goes too deep, it can cause scarring and pigment problems as well.  The care of the skin after laser treatment is also important, and if not done properly, can cause problems.  

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