My Facial Wound Following a Trauma is Healing but I Have Raised Areas All Around It. Why?

I caught my upper cheek on the top of a kitchen cabinet over 8 months ago. It did not bleed but oozed a clear liquid for a couple of days before starting to heal. The wound has heeled somewhat - it is still slightly redder in colour that the rest of my cheek but I now have a raised area all around that area which looks like a type of scarring under the skin and it is very pale and colourless compared to the rest of the cheek. It is raised and very noticeable and ugly. What can I do ?

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Facial Scar

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Thank you for your question. Without photos, the characteristics of your scar are not apparent. Although 8 months have elapsed, scar maturation and remodeling can continue for up to 24 months after injury. Use sunscreen daily to minimize the effects of sunlight exposure which can cause pigmentary changes more readily in maturing scars. I would recommend having your scar evaluated by a Facial Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist. Based on the exam findings, and your concerns, he or she can discuss with you options for treatment. Good luck.

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