What Would Be the Main Causes of Facial Volume Loss?

What would be the main causes of facial volume loss? I am still in my twenties...however I have been pretty ill recently and have been on a few courses of antibiotics and opioid painkillers. I've noticed my eyes are looking more hollow than usual and cheeks have flattened somewhat however have not noticed any substantial weight loss. Just fatigue. Can volume loss caused by these factors be reversed and what should I do to treat this? Is there any tips you can offer me?

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Facial volume loss

The main cause is aging and as you get older you have more volume loss. The only other reason people have loss are when they have allergies to their own tissue or have hiv.

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Facial volume loss

Afew medications have been implicated but none you mention. Heredity and the pre programmed loss of facial fat is the big culprit. Tis is what fat grafting corrects.

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