Facial Vein Removal?

I had a bulging vein in the middle of my forehead. Doctor tied it off and removed some of it. He gave me a numbing shot in so hard I herd a snap sound. About 10-12 hours after the procedure a lot of air came out of my right eye. So much so my bottom eyelid would flap when I blew my nose. This happened about 5 Times that night. I haven't been able to breathe out of the right side of my nose ever since. Do you think this is caused from the vein being gone or the numbing shot? I deeply regret this.

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Frontal sinus or orbital fracture

Subcutaneous emphysema occurs if a fracture of the orbital floor allows air from the nose or sinuses to enter the tissues around the eye, particularly when people blow their nose.

This is an emergency condition and you should go to the emergency room to see an ENT surgeon and/or neurosurgeon or ophthalmologist for evaluation and treatment. 

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Facial vein removal side effects

I am not sure of what you are describing having a long term effect on nasal breathing. However, I suppose anything is possible. I would suggest you go back to you physician and get his opinion and or seek the evaluation of a ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon. Good Luck.

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