I Need SERIOUS Help with my Facial Symmetry Anxiety

26 Male, 183 cm (6 feet), 77 Kgs. I have been researching online for over few weeks now. I wish to know how my facial symmetry can be aligned. My right profile is completely different from my left profile. Even my front shows the peculiar differences. I always feel my natural (uncontrolled face) always looks tired and sad, specifically my upper lip right side. I am an aspiring actor and I do not feel confident from my right profile, Im super conscious when in front of the camera

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Assymetry of the face

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Your facial features are actually quite normal. You could change them with a rhinoplasty. however I think you are too critical and should avoid surgery that may get you into trouble.

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Improving facial aesthetics

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The photos you posted do not really allow a complete assessment of the situation as the oblique views were shot at a downward angle and the frontal view looks like it was shot at to close in time to a blink of the eye.

You may have some upper eyelid drooping that contributes to a tired look. If that is the case it can easily be addressed by eyelid surgery. Your nose is deviated to the left so rhinoplasty can improve symmetry there. There is no complete right left symmetry in nature so that is not an achievable goal. Your current situation is not that bad so if its effect on your overall life is greater than what would be expected it is imperative that you have therapy in association with any cosmetic surgery. If you do not do so in such circumstances you will never be happy with any surgery.

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