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Hi, My face has some kind of asymmetry along with some other problems. The major problem is with my chin and lower jaw. I have had orthodontic treatment three years ago; I wore braces for almost 2 years. I feel that my lower lip is still protruding. I also have deviated septum. I think, it is also one of the reasons that my face look asymmetric. So, I don't know how should I get all the procedures done. Should I follow a specific order? For example Jaw> Nose> Chin? What would be the total cost?

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Order of surgical procedures--nose,chin etc.

Order of surgical procedures--nose,chin etc.  depends on the severity of each. 

Without photos it is difficult to say but the nose and chin can be done together and this would probably be first.

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Facial Surgery

The order of surgery depends on your facial structure and what needs to be addressed first to help restore balance to your face to achieve the results you desire.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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