Facial Surgery - Would I Benefit From Rhinoplasty? Chin / Cheek Implant?

In general, I am quite satisfied with the way I look, but I do feel that my appearance wouldn't suffer from some fine tuning. I am decided upon undergoing a rhinoplasty (overall my nose fits my face, but it is a little wide on top and bulbous on the tip) but, I was wondering, from a professional viewpoint, if I could benefit from any other procedures. My face is very long and thin and very flat. I would really like a little more contour. Cheek implants/fillers? Chin implant?

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Non surgical rhinoplasty and fillers to your cheeks and chin would be nice!

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You have a very nice face and in fact a very nice nose. You would be an excellent candidate for some fillers to the cheek and to the nose for a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The one surgical procedure that might be nice would be chin augmentation, but I would also consider fillers to this area first to see how you liked it.

There are options for both temporary and permanent fillers, so it would be a nice idea to try the fillers out, especially since with your already very attractive face, some small changes would go a very long way.

Take a look at our non-surgical rhinoplasty page: You would see your results a lot sooner, with less risk and cost, and fillers are actually better at fine-tuning contouring than surgery. 

Also, nice quality of photographs!  Good luck on your search for information!

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial implants and rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is used to refine the nasal features such as narrowing the bridge or removing a small hump.  A chin implant is performed to bring the chin forward which gives more facial balance to the chin area and reduces the overall elusion of the projection of the nose.  The incisions for the nose are all placed internally for a closed rhinoplasty and the chin implant incision is underneath the chin area.  Chin implants come in multiple different sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra large and we prefer the silastic variety.  

To do photo imaging with your own photo, download our iPhone app free of charge.  Just enter "Seattle Plastic Surgery with Dr. Portuese" as search terms.  Once downloaded, you can simulate rhinoplasty by changing the shape of your nose to be smaller, larger, etc... You can simulate a chin augmentation as well. 

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Your Nose Looks Good, Chin Implant May Balance Profile

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Your nose looks good and if you do anything and that's a big if...you would only thin the supratip to frame the tip.  Your chin is a bit weak and a chin implant would balance the profile.  The most important area aesthetically, of your face, the cheeks are a little flat anteriorly making the face appear elongated.  Cheek Implants that are full and round anteriorly (in the front) would change this to a more soft, heart-shaped face.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial implants depend on the proportions of the various cosmetic areas of the face

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Facial implants depend on the proportions of the various cosmetic areas of the face. For someone with poorly projected cheek bones improving the projection of the cheeks is preferable to altering a nose.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

Cheek & Chin Implants with Rhinoplasty

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Cheek and chin implants can improve facial contours, but you will have to determine if you would like the changes. Talk to your rhinoplasty surgeon because it would be best to do all procedures during the same opeation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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" Less is More"

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Hello, Jevelyn.

Suggest consider fillers to plump the cheekbone area. Get that great " apple" look. Fillers are wise because injections can be done gradually so you decide at what point you are happy. Start with the ones which dissapear within four to six months, so if for whatever reason(s) you are not happy, you are not stuck with that look.

My opinion is that based on these photos, I would not operate on your nose. Looks good to me.

Chin augmentation, however,  makes sense. Consider a " demo" before you decide for sure. I go into great detail regarding that in my two books which would be valuable for you to read: SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON  and THE ESSENTIAL COSMETIC SURGEON COMPANION.  The books were written to help prospective patients like you make the best decisions. Available at all bookstores and on bookseller websites.

You have already make one smart decision: to seek consultation with my on-line colleagues, here at RealSelf,  who have taken the time to respond to your question. A consensus is generally correct.

Homework pays; be an " A" student.

Best wishes.

-Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

Robert Kotler, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial Surgery

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I certainly agree with other Surgeons in stating that you already have a beautiful face.  Therefore, in considering what, if anything to do, you should see a very experienced, well qualified Surgeon.  For starters, I would specifically recommend against cheek implants which age poorly over time.  I would also like to know what your motivations for and expectations are from Rhinoplasty, because you have a very nice nose to start with.  If anything a finesse tip Rhinoplasty might benefit you, if properly performed.  Rhinoplasty is an incredibly complex and challenging procedure and should not be performed by the occasional Rhinoplasty Surgeon (especially yours).  From a textbook standpoint, a chin implant might benefit you by increasing the anterior projection of your chin; I would only recommend his if performed in conjunction with tip Rhinoplasty, but not in isolation.  In summary, please think carefully about your motivations for surgery and your decision.  Since you already have a very pleasing look aesthetically, you stand to lose more than the average patient if improperly performed.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Take it slow...

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I agree with most of the other surgeons that you have a pretty face and doing too much can hurt you in the long run. A chin implant and possibly, fillers as mentioned before would be straightforward procedures with little downside. Good luck.

Bala S. Chandrasekhar, MD - RETIRED
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty? Chin implants? Cheek implants? Be Careful!

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Of all the options you ask about, an extended anatomic chin implant (conservative small size) would make the most sense. Just because you can (do the other things) doesn't mean you should!

Your nose has a lovely profile, and the width is subjective, but really not so wide that a huge difference is desirable. Regardless of the skill of the rhinoplasty surgeon, you could end up with irregularities or distortion that ruin your pretty looks. I'm not saying you shouldn't undergo rhinoplasty, but I would place it last on my list of choices.

Cheek implants can give you a more sculpted look, but this too, if decided upon, should be very conservative. I would not use an intraoral approach as this is associated with a higher risk of infection; the lower eyelid incision leaves an imperceptible scar (if performed skillfully), and makes the risk of infection near zero.

Computer imaging is a good idea, but remember that surgeons can do much more on their computers than we can in the operating room. These images are not necessarily predictive of actual results (see the disclaimer on the screen!). After being one of the first cosmetic practices in the upper Midwest to employ computer video imaging (1988), we have now discontinued its use. It was more marketing than reality!

Take these comments to heart and don't be so eager to change the pretty you that already exists!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 263 reviews

Use Computer Imaging To Determine The Best Procedures For Achieving Facial Balance

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While I think you are correct that the combination of a rhinoplasty with cheek and chin implants would give your face a more balanced look, you should go through some computer imaging to see for sure. This is one time with those procedures that you can really get a good idea beforehand as computer imaging works well for those three structural changes of the face. Have them done in various combinations  with the rhinoplasty and see what you think. While one can discuss theory all day, a look at some imaging will make that decision for you in a much shorter time period.

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