Best Laser for Tightening Facial Skin?

Hi there, can anyone tell me which laser is best for tightening up lax facial skin? I hear Fraxel laser is good.

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Best Lasers For Skin Tightening

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Hi Kippy,

There are many laser technologies that claim to tighten lax skin "the best". I have been impressed with the skin tightening abilities of Fraxel re:pair, Total Fx, and Pearl fractional CO2.

I personally chose Fraxel re:pair for my practice and patients because of the safety, effectiveness, ease of use, speed, and research behind the technology.

Of the fractionated CO2 laser technologies on the market, as of last June, Fraxel re: pair had 27 peer reviewed scientific journal articles while the closest competitor had 2 articles. The laser was tested for 2 1/2 years on over 500 patients before becoming available to the public last year.

I have personally seen the results of Fraxel re:pair on many patients, and I believe that it is among the best laser treatments for skin tightening. Patients look like themselves, only more rested, healthy, and youthful.

Be well.

Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Skin tightening and lasers

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Fraxel may help tighten the loose skin. Thermage and Titan are other devices that may help tighten the skin as well. Not one of these treatments can provide the same improvement as a surgical lift, but they may help “buy some time” before you feel you should have a lift.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fractional CO2

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I have used several of these units, and liked the Total (Active and Deep) FX best. Lumenis is a leader in laser resurfacing technology, and I have used some type of their technology since 1995. The Fraxel Repair is a good choice, too. Those are the two that I have seen the most tightening, but I saw more from the Total FX than from Repair. There is other fractional CO2 out there, and I was impressed with Ellipse Juvia, but not for older patients and those with profound wrinkles. Such severe cases likely will need more than one Repair or Total FX too. An experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon must do this procedure for best results. It is not for the faint of heart as it is painful, requiring anesthetic and sedation, and the downtime is 7-10 days with weeks of residual redness possible.

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