Can I Use Retin-A with Fresh Scars?

I have facial scars resulting from my dog pulling down onto a gravel driveway. The wounds are healed and I'm wondering if it's safe to resume the use of my retin-a? Will retin-a help or irratate fresh scars?

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Retin-A is safe on fresh scars

Provided that there is no scabbing or crusting, which would suggest that the wound has not yet healed, Retin-A should not give cause any trouble to a fresh scar.  Certainly, if the scar became irritated with Retin-A, stopping it for a few days would be prudent.  Retin-A should be helpful for scar healing.  Other treatments that are used to accelerate the healing process are massage (firm pressure applied to the scar) and silicone based products (can be found in a local pharmacy).

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