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My husband has scarring from 3 years ago on his face. He was scratched. One of the scars is faily noticeable, the others are depressed scars. We've seen dermatologists, but they dismissed our concerns. Does anyone know some doctors who specialize in scar removal? We are very serious about this. My husaband just retired and we would like to forget the past, not look at it daily. Thank you.

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No such thing as "scar removal"

Scars can be "revised" but cannot be "removed."  The goal of scar revision is to make the permanent scar less visible.  It will still be present however.

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Scar treatment

There is a prominent plastic surgeon in your area Dr. Janet Turkle who performs subcision, filler injections, laser resurfacing and surgical scar revision. I suggest you schedule a consultation with her to determine the most appropriate approach to scar improvement for your husband. Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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