Facial Scar from Glass Since Age 1? (photo)

I am now approaching 40 years old, so have had this scar for 39 years. It is a thin, sunken and about 2.5 inches in length. What would be the best way of reducing the visibility of this scar? Pictures attached.

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Improve the appearance of your facial scar

You are wise to ask how to reduce the visibility, not how to remove it, which of course is not possible.  The issues that determine the visibility of a scar are whether it falls in natural lines, shapes, or contours of the face or body, whether it lies flat as opposed to depressed or raised, the color, and the width.  When a scar occurs from an accident we have no control over how it relates to the curves and lines of your face.  Your scar is widened, and it is depressed.  The color has faded nicely to match your surrounding skin.

It could be improved by excising the scar, and reclosing it.  This should allow the skin edges to abut closely and evenly.  There are some trade offs to be aware of.  One is that the new scar has to be a little longer in order to excise all the way around your existing scar.  It will be pink for 6 to 12 months from starting all over, something you dont remember from the accident as a baby.  So in the short run it shows more.  While pink, it needs to be protected from the sun, or it will have a tendency to turn brown (like the color of a freckle), which will make it show more.  Lastly, while we employ all the tricks of the trade so to speak in Plastic Surgery, we do not have complete control over how you heal.  I suggest a rule of thumb is to say, "would I undergo revision to expect my scar to be 50% better?"

All that being said, I would expect you to find your scar less noticeable once the healing phase was over, from undergoing scar revision by a Plastic Surgeon.

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Treatment for facial scar

I would recommend a scar revision to improve the scar on your lower face.  Your current scar could be excised and then the skin brought together and sutured.  This should make your scar less noticeable.  Ideally, you would be left with a scar that was flat and thin.  Your current scar is noticeable because of the depression and lack of hair growth.  Removing the scar should improve both of these problems.  

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