How Soon Can I Have a Facial Scar Excision Redone?

I had a scar excised on my chin/jawline area 2 months ago by a Derm. It looks awful; its hard and there is quite a bit of scar tissue underneath and around it. It looks so bad it is inhibiting my life and I want to get it fixed right away. I had another exact same procedure done before in the past so I already know that after 8 weeks it needs to be redone (this time by a plastic surgeon). How soon after an excision can I redo it ? Is 2 months safe to redo? I feel I can't wait much longer.

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Scar Revision

Timing for scar revision can vary depending on the characteristics of the scar.  You need a full evaluation to determine if more conservative treatments can help (i.e. steroid injections or silicone sheeting) or if an early revision will help.  Bring up these concerns with the dermatologist who performed your last revision to see if they have any advice to improve the scar with conservative measures.

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