Is a lip lift a surgery that is worth me doing?

ive recently went to my doctor to talk about my lips when smiling after having numorous rhino's. i feel that when i smile my top two teeth are slightly covered. he said we can do a lip lift but only take up the lip my 2 milimetres as i dont have enough space between my columella and lip. i would like to know if this is an operation that is worth doing?. as 2 milimetres doesnt sound like alot. thanks alot.

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Lip lift is a good idea for some people, but maybe not for you

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Without a photo, it is difficult to comment.  But if your problem is hidden teeth, with an already short upper lip, then perhaps you should see a cosmetic dentist.  Sometimes teeth lengthening is what is needed to balance the upper lip/teeth relationship.

Lip Lift

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It sounds you do not have enough tissue???? then why do the surgery and put a PERMANENT Scar on your lip?

Just because somebody said 'when smiling you must show 2/3 of your incisors'  then we should operate on every one that does not meet that criteria????

In this economy to operate on you is good for the Dr. BUT do you need the surgery??? Do you understand the risks, and the scar the benifit of 2mm???????????????

My quess you do not need that surgery.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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