Facial Plastic Surgery 4 Months Ago and Still Have Edema - is That Normal?

I had a endo-brow lift, face lift, lower blepharoplasty trans. w/laser, and the banding under the chin corrected on Feb 2010 (four months ago). My jawline and just under my chin still looks jowly & heavy/saggy. Also there is some indentations along my cheekbones. The Dr said it is all edema related and may take longer to resolve itself and smooth out. This is rather depressing to not see results after 4 months. How long should I expect a full recovery. My Dr is vague & says everyone is different

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There is no edema 4 months after facelift.


Sorry to bear bad news, but I am afraid you may be  looking at your final result.  The face heals really fast because of very good blood supply, and four months after a facelift or other cosmetic surgery there is very, very little swelling.

Disappointing results after face lift and neck lift happen.  I am pretty sure that you can be made better with a revision.

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