Where Can I Check out my Facial Plastic Surgeon's Record?

Can you please tell me the best way or website (even if I have to pay a fee) to let me know if a doctor has any malpractice suits or complaints against them? I would like to check my doctor out before I let her touch my face. Thank you for your time.

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Checking the credentials of a facial plastic surgeon is a good start

Plastic surgical procedures of the face are performed by a wide variety of surgeons and non surgical trained personnel. A facial plastic surgeon is any surgeon operating on the face. Different states (USA), provinces (Canada), and different countries have different requirements to use these terms. However, there is wide variability, and a patient cannot assume a facial plastic surgeon is board certified in facial plastic surgery. The best way to check the credentials of a surgeon is to visit the state or provincial website which licenses the physician. This offers very useful information. You can also call the licensing board to obtain information on how the terms are used.

A board certified facial plastic surgeon usually implies they have satisfied the rigorous requirements of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Best of luck

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