Will Cleo Q Facial Exerciser Affect Restylane Results?

I currently use Cleo Q facial exerciser and I'm thinking of getting Restylane for my nose to mouth lines. Would using Cleo Q after getting the Restylane affect the filler in any way (i.e. shorten its effect)? Thanks.

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Be careful with facial exerciser

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I researched that product online. There is little evidence that by exercising the facial muscles or causing them to contract with this device will improve your appearance. Your facial muscles get plenty of exercise on their own during the course of daily life. Therefore, I would have to caution you in regards to the use of this product in the first place.

Having said that, it is true that filler products absorb more quickly in more mobile areas of the face (ie. the mouth) so it is possible that this device may shorten the effect of the Restylane.

Hope that helps!

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