Facial Movements with Radiesse Filler? (Male, 22 Years Old)

1 week ago had Radiesse injected on 1 side of my face that lacked volume. No swelling at all! It was along my cheekbone and my jawline. Two 1.5 CC. The results are really fantastic. I was just smiling/laughing uncontrollably @ a funny video and realized it felt sort of weird. Not pain but just a bit discomfort along the areas with Radiesse. Is this normal? Will this or constant facial movements alter the appearance/look it's given me? What about my face being rubbed from sleeping or spa facial?

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Facial Movements with Radiesse Filler?

Give it a full 2-3 for the swelling to settle, your body will adjust to the fillers and the discomfort will subside. If it continues, follow up with your provider to further assist with this issue.

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Sleep patterns and facials I would not be concerned with it altering the Radiesse.

Similar to other dermal fillers, Radiesse can cause mild to moderate swelling after injection.  Some of the swelling from Radiesse may not be visible to you on the outside, however, this can explain some of the discomfort or “weird” feeling that you are reporting. In time, Radiesse will settle in and with facial movements it should become less and less noticeable. As per your constant facial movements, sleep patterns and facials I would not be concerned with it altering the Radiesse.  Once stable, Radiesse should not migrate or change with facial movements. If you have any additional questions, I recommend that you return to your injector and discuss your concerns.

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Facial Movements with Radiesse Filler?

 facial movements, shortly after a needle based therapy like Radiesse injections can create a slight pinching sensation but the Radiesse will not be affected.

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Different sensation with laughing

If you had filler to the area, there is more volume in the area and subsequent movement may feel different than before. Your body will adjust. If there is pain or sensory issues, then I would advise returning for a follow up. I would wait two weeks before a facial. Sleeping should be fine. Best of luck!

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS - Account Suspended
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