Can a Facial/mouth Trauma That Resulted in Evulsion of 4 Front Teeth Result in a Midline Shift?

My son lost 4 teeth to trauma and just got some temporary "flippers" until implants can be placed. We have noticed now that his midline has shifted. Can this be corrected or will he be stuck with it?

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Middle line

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If your son's age its below 15 years, he will continue growing. Also, facial growing, and you can still modify ,bone ,with several techniques, once he has got to the age were implants, can be set, now you can also change the midle line, if the jawbone was not involved on that fracture, and it was corrected.

Midline Shift

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Unless the trauma resulted in a jaw fracture, the midline did not shift.  When the implants are restored this will be corrected

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist

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