Need Facial Mole Excision Aftercare Advice?

I am 23 years old and had two facial moles cut out 1 week ago. I've been generously applying Bacitracin and covering with a bandage. After the sutures came out yesterday, I switched to Aquaphor. When cleaning, is it bad for me to use my acne wash? The surgeon gave me "Pro-Heal Serum Advanced" to use for scar prevention, but I read that Aquaphor works best. What should I use, and for how long should I apply it? Should I continue to cover with bandages? Any other steps I should be taking? Thanks

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Mole removal

It is important to not expose the area to the sun as we do not want to encourage increased pigmentation in the area.  It is also very important to not let the area scab over, so use plenty of aquaphor and moisturizer.

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How To Heal From Mole Excision

I recommend you cleanse the area gently with a mild soap like Dove unscented or Cetaphil.  Blot dryand apply Polysporin ointment.  For the first several days, I would rebandage the area.  After that, the wound can remain uncovered as long as the Polysporin ointment is kept on the area.  

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Need facial mole excison aftercare advice

I'm sorry that your surgeon didn't provide you with this information, as in my opinion, it's very important for people to get good post care info, as well as a good surgical procedure. It's important to keep the area moist - and really Aquaphor, Bacitracin, Vaseline, anything is just fine. You just don't want it to get crusty or flaky. Keep the area clean still with 1/2 peroxide and water, and generously lube it up. It's only important to keep it covered if you have a tendency to rub the goop off. If not it's fine to keep it uncovered at this point. If you find your acne wash is irritating, then discontinue usage or go around that area for another week or so. While it won't hurt it or cause something bad, it can just sting.

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