Procedures to Improve Chubby Cheeks and Smile?

I am a 31 year old male that is in good shape, 6'1 180lbs, and have always had chubby cheeks and hated my smile.

I have gotten so self conscious about my smile that I rarely smile, so much to the point that people ask me why don't you smile.

So basically, I want to know what procedures will give me the most success for obtaining the look I want, which is a slimmer face and a nice smile. Will facial Liposuction plus Rhinoplasty help? I have attached a pic. Thanks so much.

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Why aren't you happy with the way you look?

Dear Emmcey

Cosmetic surgery is funny business. We as surgeons can get very focused on delivering what our patients ask for-right or wrong. However, ultimately, it is important to think about why people need to change their appearance and to recognize that some individuals will be impossible to satisfy.

In looking at your appearance, I find myself wondering if you my have a condition that is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is defined by a preoccupation and concerns about appearance that other do not see or are minor. Now the interesting thing is that recent research using functional MRI suggest that the brains of people with these types of concerns are organized differently.

Essentially, you see things that others may not. I think that for some of my patients, they channel this perception in a professionally productive way. They can focus on things that other may miss. However, the flip side of this is that concerns about appearance can result in a series of disappointing surgeries. Part of the problem is that how you might perceive your appearance and how your surgeon understands your concerns are not going to be the same. You can image that could be and does become a problem because multiple surgeries damage what is youthful and natural about the face.

Generally, I think that it is helpful to have psychological insight on this process, especially when there are social consequences for your perceptions. An example would be avoiding social circumstances because of being self-conscious about your appearance. I encourage you to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist regarding your self-consciousness. Even if you ultimately decide to pursue cosmetic surgery, at least you will do so with a greater insight regarding why you are concerned about issues that others do not perceive as a problem.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Procedures for chubby cheeks and smile

Dear Emmcey ,

The quest for "a slimmer face and a nice smile" does NOT go through a cheek reduction surgery.

I hate to take issue with your self image, but there is nothing I can see wrong with your face. You are a very masculine, attractive man. There is NOTHING wrong with your cheeks (i.e. malar eminences). They are perfect male cheeks that a lot of others would love to have. I would not reduce them since the results would be VERY disappointing and hard to correct. As to your smile, it appears your upper lip covers a bit of the incisors, but again - NOT serious enough, in my opinion, to cut under the nose and do lip lifts etc.

There is an operation we occasionally do in moonfaced individuals to change a round face to a inverted pear face (which you have). It is called resection of Bichat's fat pad. That would push in the SOFT part of the cheek but will exaggerate the cheeks - a Jack Palance look. (You are probably too young to remember him).

Personally, I would advise you to leave things alone lest you look much worse.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Procedures to improve chubby cheeks and smile? Rhinoplasty - buccal fat pads - facial liposuction

Thank you for sending your picture. It really helps understanding your situation.

I see three questions;

1 rhinoplasty

You may or may not benefit from a rhinoplasty. The best advice would come from a doctor that could see you from all angles. Not discounting what you have provided but if you were my patient, I would need to see more than a face on view to give you an opinion. Take a look at my other responses about Rhinoplasty - they will help you with this decision.

2 facial liposuction

Seeing you in person is better but I might suggest a reduction in the buccal fat pads if you do not like the fullness of the cheek area. This can be done through a small incision in the mouth. The picture you sent really helped me in providing you this advice. I would not do facial liposuction on you unless I learned more about your concerns and could examine you.

3 do not like my smile

I need a lot more information to make a suggestion. Without seeing / speaking to you, you could have these options - surgery to reduce the "gummy" smile by reducing the height of the bone in your maxilla, dental work to make the teeth look longer, combination of the above or nothing!

See a qualified doctor in your area.

Again, thank you for sending a picture. It helps

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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A Buccal Fat Pad Excision Would Provide Some Facial Slimming

The effect would be as though you had lost weight, and is generally subtle.

This procedure addresses the fat below the cheekbones. Patients who are good candidates for it complain of having a "baby face," "chipmunk cheeks" or a face that is too round. From your photos I can't tell if these are your issues.

The procedure would not directly change the appearance of your smile, which I feel is pleasant and in no need of repair.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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