Facial Liposuction or Corrective Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I hate my sagging neck which has developed over the past few years (I am 36). An orthodontist suggested braces & corrective jaw surgery to bring my lower jaw forward. Although I would love to have perfect teeth, as mine are very crowded, I am really concerned that the surgery will make my chin more masculine, pointy & prominent. Also my overbite isn't very pronounced so not sure I need it. My other option could be facial liposuction under the chin. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Without a physical examination to evaluate your occlusion and facial structure it is difficult to provide an answer to your question.  However, in my experience as women age the skin can lose laxity and begin to sag especially in the neck region.  Another cause of increased sagginess under the chin is weight fluctuations that can occur over the years.  For those patients liposuction or a neck lift is needed to give a more youthful appearance.  Orthognathic surgery would adjust your jaw line and improve your profile but it may not necessarily correct the sagginess under your chin.  Again, without a physical exam it is tough to give a more definite suggestion so I recommend researching RealSelf for a board certified oral surgeon who is also board certified in plastic surgery to properly evaluate your face and neck to determine if you need orthognathic surgery or some other cosmetic procedure to get you the look you desire.

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