Facial Laser Removal?

i had soprano xl on my chin and beard and i read that with thin hair i read that the chances are with thin facial hair that they will increase and become longer. is this true? and what other methods can i use with my beard hair to eliminate them. another thing is do i have to shave my beard ,I am so scared that shaving will change my skin color texture from soft to rough and from and color would be a bit greenish like men's beard .

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See a Dermatologist for laser removal of facial hair.

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I am not sure what you are referring to regarding thin facial hair,but can give you sveral comments that may help you. Shaving the hair just prior to treatment is necessary in order for the laser light to reach the hair follicle. Do not be concerned about this as shaving does not have any effect on the regrowth of the hair nor does it harm the skin itself.When using lasers for hair removal it is very important to choose the right laser, the right ways to protect the skin and the right settings of the laser.These choices should be made by an rxperienced dermatologist. Several treatments will be necessary, but usually more than 75% of the facial hair will be removed in 6-8 treatment sessions. There is no other treatment that I would recommend.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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