Facial Implant Removal Concerns

I had a silicone mandible implant inserted 15 months ago. I have decided to remove it because I'd rather just look like my original self. Is there any surgery for reattaching my mandible and muscle back to its original position? If so, can I prevent tissue sag and collapse of the capsule around a silicone implant after the implant removal?

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Facial Implant Removal

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Removal of the implant is all that is required; no muscles need to be reattached.  That being said, if there are any post-removal irregularities that persist after healing, you may consider having fillers injected to address any contour irregularities.  In addition, an alternative to having a surgical chin implant is to have fillers or fat grafting to augment the chin area.  If performed properly, such nonsurgical techniques can appear very natural and can mimic the results of having a surgically placed chin implant.  Be sure to discuss with your surgeon realistic expectations associated with such nonsurgical techniques.  

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Removing mandible implant and what to expect

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There is no sag or tissue collapse after removal of the mandibular implant. The capsule itself will completely collapse around it-self and revert back to the normal anatomical position. No other surgery is needed to reattach muscles to the mandible since this will stretch back to its original position. Removing the implant does require an incision that can then be sutured from the intraoral position.

Chin implant removal

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Removal of the implant is all that is needed.  However, it is possible to close the capsule around the implant on itself to prevent any potential sagging of the chin area.  As the tissues heal in place, the space will close off and the skin will retract to some degree.

Removing a facial implant

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Simple removal of the implant and closure of the wound is all that is likely to be required. It is likely that your condition will revert nearly back to your your original state. At a young age, it is unlikely that you will experience any amount of sagging.

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