Which Facial Fillers are Safe to Use in the Neck to Correct Lipo Depression?

What "temporary" facial filler would be safe to use in the neck to try and correct lipo depression? I am interested in a temporary solution first before a more permanent one. The depression is pretty deep so the filler would have to be able to add enough volume to correct it.

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Facial filler for neck depression

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Why do you need  a filler to fill out a depression in the neck?  Some would offer fat grafting to provide a more permanent result.

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Post lipo depression correction

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Most available fillers, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyl apatite, poly l lactic acid could be used.  Fresh fat is most often the best filler for a lipsuction depression as it is often permanent and is what is actually missing in the depression.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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