I Had Facial Fillers Two Years Ago and I Still Have Bumps on my Cheek?

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Bumps From Fillers?

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It may depend on the type of filler that was injected.  Sometimes Sculptra can cause bumps.  I would follow up with your treating physician/provider for further advice.  Some fillers can be dissolved like: Restylane/Juvederm/Perlane.

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Bumps post filler

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This is probably scar tissue at this stage and cautious injections with kenalog or something similar would be ok.

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Bumps after FIllers 2 years Later

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These bumps are not likely excess filler at this point 2 years later.  More likely, they are granulomas or scar tissue.  Treatment for this would be injections of a small amount of steroid like Kenalog.

Injection 2 yrs ago

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If the bump is a granuloma and very raised, you could try Celestone or a dilute steroid to break down the tissue. Hyaluronidase will not be helpful at this point, since it has been two years. Good luck.

2 years post fillers and stil have bumps on my cheek

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It would be a bit helpful to see a before and after photo here. Without knowing how much filler was done or what kind, this is hard to comment on. While most HA fillers will have been gone by now, there could be pockets of filler left behind (maybe!) if a lot was injected there, or you could have a hematoma under the skin. Most often a hematoma would have resolved by now, but I have seen them persist from time-to-time. I would consult with a board-certified injector in your area to see if it's filler, and hyaluronidase could dissolve it, or if it's a hematoma, and what options may be best in that case.

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