Once Someone Has Had a Facial Fat Transfer, Can It Be Revised with "Livefil"?

My facial fat transfer did not go well at all. I have lumps over my left eye (causing ptosis of the left eye), unevenness and a "bag" under my right eye, and dark circles under both eyes worse than prior to the procedure. I am now 9 weeks post F/T with no improvement in left eye and a worsening of the right eye. I have heard of a product called "livefil"...can that be used for revision once a fat transfer has been done? Or what other product or procedure must be done for repair?

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Fat Transfer

Do not think of any filler right now. After all the swelling and bruising is gone then get reevaluated by A BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) for your options to correct the lumpiness and the ptosis of the eye lid if it has persisted.

Also some of that fat is going to be absorbed so there will be changes in the future.

The treatment of fat lumpiness can range from fat transfer to liposuction , to fat removal by surgery.

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