Hi I Am Considering a Facial Fat Transfer with Recommended Surgeon but So Nervous Because of the Swelling?

i am due to go speak to surgeon 14/6/12 regarding facial fat transfer but dont know if can go ahead because of the swelling and only have 3 weeks leave and dont want colleagues to know as i dont want people asking questions wioll the swelling have subsided mostly after 3 weeks or will i look freakish thanks lyn

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Fat to Face Recovery

   Fat transfer to the face requires just as long a recovery as does a facelift.  In fact the recovery may be even longer than a facelift procedure.  You are only a bit scary for the first 3 to 5 days and then swelling subsides.  Swelling about the orbital areas (eye) takes the longes to resolve and there can be some bruising at 3 weeks.   Generally my patients plan 2 weeks off and then back to work with some coverup.   Proper methods of fat placement require many many needle passes and there is definitely swelling and bruising.  It is however a fine and successful procedure that brings much happiness to patients.  Some of my fat transfer patients have been among the happiest in my practice.  With every plastoc surgery procedure there is a recovery period.  When you sign up and have surgery you also agree to cooperate and accept the recovery.  Make your plans accordingly.  No surgeon can give you an exact day when all swelling or bruising is gone.  That is a best guess so plan on the longer times and go for it.  My Best Dr C

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Fat Transfer to the Face

Fat transfer to the lips can have quite a lot of swelling.  That is one of the biggest downsides to this procedure.  Cheeks, chin, forehead and nasolabial folds will settle down faster than lips.  Be sure to give yourself enough recovery time so that you will not be disappointed if you have excess swelling.

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Fat transfer healing time

Dear Lyn,

At about 3 weeks, you may still be a little swollen, but it isn't swelling that would be noticeable by other people.  You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon to be safe.  Any bruising at 3 weeks (which should be minimal) can be covered up with makeup.  Alternatively, if you are still pretty swollen, some steroids can help reduce it at the 3 week mark if you are really concerned.


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