Facial Fat Grafting Removal

I had fat grafting performed 7 weeks ago and still feel as if my face is FAR too full. I have read that most swelling should be gone by now. If this is anywhere near the permanent result, it has literally ruined my face. My once prominent features-eyes, mouth/smile--are now very small and my chubby cheeks dominate the entire look of my face. I am very scared because I've read how difficult it is to remove fat grafting. Could I still be swollen? What are my removal options if not??

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Continued decrease in fat volume

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Before you have another procedure to try to decrease the fat volume, even if swelling has decreased maximally, it is worth being patient for the body to dissolve some of the fat cells that don't live in the new area. Not all cells live so the volume will decrease probably over the next several months to a year. If you have a procedure that tries to reduce the volume, you may get irregularities that will require yet further revision.

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