Post-op Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant and Bleph - Will I Ever Get my Facial Expressions and Smile Back?

I had a rhinoplasty, chin implant and my eyes done. I finally have my face expressions back but my smile is not the same anymore. Will I ever smile the same again? That was my greatest feature, my smile. My eyes would also become very small when I smiled. That isn't the case anymore. I don't even like to take pictures anymore cause I look totally different. Should I be doing facial exercises or something?

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Concerns after Facial Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

There is almost always a “adjustment period"  after  aesthetic surgery. Patients need to adapt to their new “body image”. After 6 months most patients have adapted nicely. If you still have concerns at that point communicate calmly with your plastic surgeon.

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