Facial Exercises After Facial Fat Transfer?

Just had fat transfer from abdomen to face. This is the 5th day after the procedure. Areas of my face feel hard an lumpy will these soften any time soon? Should I be doing any type of facial exercises to help the fat conform more naturally to my facial structure?

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Facial Exercises After Fat Grafting?

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It is very common in the first month or two after facial fat grafting to feel areas of irregularities or lumps. The natural healing process will solve these temporary issues. There is no benefit to facial exercises in smoothing out fat grafts. Let time and healing do that for you.

Firmness and Exercies?

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There will be normal post op swelling even from the introduction of the fat.  Although not a major operation, the skin and deeper tissues need to "calm down" for a week or two.  Gentle massage and some cold compresses will help things get back to normal more than likely.  If there are discrete large lumps or areas of redness or pain you need to do a sooner-than-later follow up.  Sometimes blood can collect or little infections develop.  Suggest post op care questions are directed to the treating physican as he/she may want to see you in the office.+


Michael A. Carron, MD
Detroit Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lumpiness after fat transfer

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It isn't uncommon to have firm areas right after fat transfer. You should check with your surgeon about whether you should be doing any facial exercises after your treatment. Sometimes manually massaging the area can help with the firmness

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It is too early

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Its too early right now to be worried about firm areas in your face. In fact, if the contour is okay [what you see, as opposed to what you feel] then just leave your face alone. You will have a post surgical inflammation that takes a few weeks to settle and then scarring will soften. So at three months time is when you can appreciate what your final outcome will be.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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