I have facial edema on my forehead. Could this be caused by Botox that I had months ago? (photo)

I have regularly received Botox for 10+ years. I had a normal CT and my primary card doc suggested I see a plastic surgeon.

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Edema following botox injection

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It is unusual for a Botox injection to cause significant edema unless there was obvious injury to a blood vessel with resultant visible black and blue (eccymosis ). Allergy has rarely been reported with botox use and you said you were using it for years anyhow. I would be suspicious about what was actually injected in your forehead, this is perhaps another material

I have facial edema on my forehead. Could this be caused by Botox that I had months ago?

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Are you sure you were injected with BOTOX and not a filler of some kind. Very rarely;y allergic edema to BOTOX. Did you use the same injector for 10 years???

Edema and Botox

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Edema from Botox is usually concentrated right in the injection sites and lasts less than a few hours after injection. People usually say it looks like a bee sting. The edema in your photos appears very different than anything I've seen with Botox before. Have you ever had fillers injected in the forehead?

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