Do Different Cultures Require Different Facial Cosmetic Surgeries?

so i have been told that facial fillers look after volume loss to the skin whereas a facelift looks after gravitational issues. ie there is a need for both to be done for more antiageing benefits. what i would like to know is that does it vary between cultures?. what about someone with polynesian thick ethnic skin? what things need to be adressed for people in that category? or is it the same across the board?

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Cultural Differences in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

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The aging process involves 3 things ; downward decent from facial soft tissue laxity, skin surface aging characterized by wrinkles and discoloration, and loss of volume especially in the cheek area.This varies between cultures and within cultures, race and ethnicity Typically darker skinned people tend to have more elasticity and tend to sag slower for example..

Failure to treat all three may make you more aware of what is not treated.
Lifting procedures (from a mini facelift to the full facelift procedure) take care of the sagging. Fillers take care of the deflation or loss of volume, and resurfacing by peels or lasers take care of the surface aging. Not all people age alike. You and your plastic surgeon will determine what is best for you.

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