Facial Burn with HQ+ Peel?

I recently had a HQ+ peel at home. I used a pore cleaner before applying the HQ+ peel. Left it on 4 mins. After washing, I saw severe burns in my right cheek and nose. Initially there was dark flakes which fell off revealing pink/red skin underneath. I used hydroquinone for the first week after reading this website. But the burned areas have become very dark compared to my complexion. Any suggestions besides using hydroquinone? Do I have to go through another peel to remove the darkened spots?

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Facial Burning

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Thank you for your question. Your description sounds like you have experienced Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or an inflammation induced pigmentation on the treated area.  Sunscreen is imperative, at least a SPF 30, with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are good options.  Bleaching creams are also an option to be determined after an in office consultation with a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon with expertise in cosmetic procedures, peels, and darker skin types. I hope this helps.

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