Creating Facial Balance with Hydroxyapatite Filler?

I want to balance my wide and prominent nose by making my browbone and T-zone more prominent and form a more well-defined "T-shape". I do not want a rhinoplasty. I consulted a plastic surgeon and he says a filler called "hydroxyapatite" is a safe and long-lasting option for me. I want something safe, permanent (or lasts AT LEAST 10 years), and preferably non-surgical. Is this possible? What choices do I have for this? Thanks!

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Two wrongs don't make a right

I understand your objectives here, but the concept of altering one part of your face to try to camouflage your nose, which by your own description is wide and prominent, is problematic for me.

I also understand you want a permanent solution to your problem. I would begin by addressing your concerns regarding a rhinoplasty. Perhaps a second opinion from a good rhinoplasty surgeon can change your mind.

Good Luck!

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Hydroxyappatite filler may work, but there are potential issues

I believe I understand your question correctly in that you wish to have a stronger dorsal profile which will give the illusion of your frontal view being narrower. In order to achieve this, fillers could potentially be used. However, the person injecting them must be careful with placement.

Hydroxyapatite fillers do last longer then their hyaluronic acid counterparts, but there are some potential issues. If you are not happy with the result, it is more difficult to rid yourself of the hydroxyapatite. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be removed with hyaluronidase. There is some risk of erythema or redness after injecting any kind of fillers, particularly around the thin skin of the nasal dorsum. The injection must be deep or it can injure the subdermal plexus, which provides blood supply to the skin. Rarely, you could cause skin necrosis or permanent skin damage from injecting these fillers in that area.

In areas that do not move as much such as under the eyes versus say the lips, fillers will last much longer. I discourage my patients from having hydroxyapatite in the nose and would favor hyaluronic acid instead. It will still last a very long time (years) and can be reversed if there are any issues. Hope that helps you.

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