Several Issues Creating Facial Asymmetry- What Can Be Done?

41 yr old woman, w facial asymmetry, becoming worse as I age was forceps delivery skull: lt side taller, rt wider ears: different heights, depth & distance from center cheekbones: different widths & tilt eyes: narrow, deep set eyes less than 1 eye width apart depth and tilt different rt eye closer to center than lt rt pupil not centered under eyebrow jaw: too tall, prominent, square and masculine orthognathic surgery twice, most recent 8/17 which made face worse Can this be fixed?

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Facial asymmetry

While I would want to have many more facial views to aadequately ddress all of your facial symmetries, I have found sculptra to be very effective in evening out asymmetry of the cheeks, jawline and even forehead. Sculptra is an injectable fillers that can last a few years and is typically performed in 2-4 treaments. I have found Sculptra aesthetic to be superior in sculpting areas of the face that were previously not successfully treatable with surgery and/or other fillers.

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