Procedure for Fixing Facial Asymmetry Due to Trauma?

Most information I've found relates to someone with facial trauma who is experiencing muscle atrophy, but i'm experiencing the opposite. The muscles have swollen on the affected side. It basically looks like the swelling hasn't gone down all the way. What could the underlying reason be, and what do I do to fix this? I've been told it could be fatty scar tissue.

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Procedure for fixing facial asymmetry due to trauma

If it is swelling that is causing the asymmetry then the elixir of time is best. Light pressure with a facial sling or your hand can help. Swelling usually goes down with time but can be prolonged because of scarring and colapse of the lymphatic channels. In rare cases, a parotid gland or duct injury can lead to a parotid cyst. Fatty scar tissue? Doubt it.

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