Facial Asymmetry Concerns- Crooked Smile

My chin is deviated to the right side of my face and my face seems to lift more and have bigger cheek on the right side, thus creating this smile that is very crooked, with the right upper lip lifting way more than the left and the left not lifting much, and the right nostril lifting as well. What can I do about it? It really bugs me because I look good only when I'm not showing my teeth and my smile is weird. I wonder if botox of facial fillers could help me...

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Facial asymmetry

Everyone is just a bit asymmetric and it is quite normal.  When you split the face in half and pair up two right sides together and two left sides together the result will look more like sisters as opposed to twins.   In your situations there is a marked difference along the jaw line that can be altered by using a filler to augment the side that is less full and to lift the corner of the mouth.  Regardless, you will never be completely symmetrical but the result will be well worth the treatment. 

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