Facial Asymmetry. What Do you Suggest To Straighten Out Everything? (photo)

Hello Basically I have a few questions... My jaw appears to be awkwardly asymmetric in the picture below few my Nose to chin and the angle it is at. Ive never seen anyone with this angle... and my nose Bridge doesnt connect with my Brow... which Ive also never seen before... I know my Ortho said I needed surgery but I never went through with it... I attached a few photos... as well as a person(Beckham) with a straight Nose Bridge to chin correlation... you can observe the difference... Thanks

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Facial Assmmetries are normal

However, if this is something you wish to be corrected, it can! But, here is the way to go about it. first, you want to discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with an orthodontist who has training in orthographic surgery. Next you want a referral to a qualified OMS surgeon, who has years of experience and facial cosmetic surgery training as well. Go for a consult and should have a CT Scan there to sow the assymmetry and then a real diagnosis can be made. You may need jaw or just chin surgery for the assymmetry. Your nose is a separate matter and should be addressed by a nasal surgeon who can deliver your expectations of a straighter nose and build up the nasal bridge. This is what I do every day, it is called treatment planning

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Facial asymmetry

Facial asymmetry  evaluation should start with Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon looking at your face ,airway and bite. Cone beam computer tomography need to be evaluated and virtual surgery performed
It will give you an idea of severity of the asymmetry. Then you will need braces from an orthodontist. 

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