Facial Area to Avoid in Using TCA Peel?

I am debating trying an at-home TCA Chemical peel to eliminate fine lines and give a "boost" to my skin. I am 39 years old. I don't want to use anything too strong and cause damage. What concentration should I try?

Also, where should I stop application of the solution in the eye area? I have read that the skin below the eyes is too fine and thin to use a TCA peel solution on. Unfortunately, this is one area that I would like to target if at all possible. Thanks.

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Peels on eyelid skin

Don't risk doing a home peel on your lower eyelids. You should see a plastic surgeon who could advise you on alternatives - medical grade peels done by him/her, or even lasers which are quite effective (Fraxel re:Pair), and some topical treatments which may take longer but still be effective. The choice will depend on your degree of "wrinkling", skin texture, color, and goals and expectations.

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